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Billie Holiday, Songs for Distingué Lovers, Verve vinile 2021

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Sara Battaglini, Vernal Love, Auand 2021 

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Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson, Verve 1960, vinile  2021

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Dino e Franco Piana- Reflections- AlfaMusic 2021

Leggi tutto: dino e franco piana.reflections
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Simone Graziano. Embracing The Future. Auand 2021

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Chet Baker – My old flame – vinile Pacific Jazz 2021

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Chet Baker, White Blues, vinile BMG 2021

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Luigi Martinale Quartet with the Classwing Ensemble, Songs not Words, Abeat 2021

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Emanuele Maniscalco, il Sogno "GRADUATION" (CD)

Il Sogno, Graduation, Auand 2021

Leggi tutto: il sogno.graduation, auand 2021 (ciccarelli)

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